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Byron Stinson and his wife Tammy are Judeo-Christian believers in the God of Abraham and His Messiah from the line of David. Byron works as an International fundraiser and advisor for Boneh Israel. Boneh means to build up or restore Israel.

Ezekiel 37:16 

“Take a stick and carve on it these words: This stick represents Judah and her allied tribes. Then take another stick and carve these words on it: This stick represents all the other tribes of Israel. Now hold them together in your hand as one stick, the lord God says: I will take the tribes of Israel (scattered throughout the world) and join them to Judah (Now returned to the promised land) and make them one stick in my hand.”


Tammy, Byron and their youngest son Isaac have a home on the south side of Jerusalem, overlooking the Shepherds fields of Bethlehem. Additionally, they own a small farm on the Brazos river in Glen Rose, Tx. Lessons From Bethlehem Ephrathah


Together in 2007 Byron and Tammy founded Father's House Foundation a 501c3 public charity involved in many mercy ministries and educational journeys to Israel.

Mr. and Mrs. Stinson's greatest joys are serving the Lord, their 8 children, 17+ grandkids and being small parts in a strong and talented team of professionals within their companies. Those companies are Glen Rose Transportation Management Inc. and National Fleet Tracking LLC

Byron started his business career in 1977 as co-owner of Stinson Motor lines.

The Stinson family has been blessed through the decades to be surrounded by a solid team of loyal managers and employees who work hard every day to deliver great value to their customers with honesty and integrity.

Byron is the past chairman of the board of the Glen Rose ISD, The Somervell county library board, and has served the area and his community on several other boards. Those include serving as President for The Promise in Glen Rose. Additionally he has served as parks and recreation President for Somervell county Texas, President of a 40 school Central Education District, board member of the Somervell county Central Appraisal district, President of the local library board and served as a Somervell county constable from 1976 to 1979.

In December of 2021 Rabbis from Jerusalem inspected 21 Red Heifers found by the BonehIsrael team in Texas. All 21 are solid red perfect heifers. The team is in process to arrange shipping to Israel. 


Contact Byron using the Contact Us Page or join the Boneh Team, for more information on how you can be involved in supporting and blessing Israel and Biblical sites in the Holy Land.

My name is Byron Stinson, and I recently was asked by Jewish Rabbis and friends of mine to help find a pure, spotless Red Cow in Texas, and send it to Israel. These Fathers of the faith have been looking for this perfect cow for 40 years. They need it, to fulfill the following Biblical command of God... Continue Reading >>

Hello, friends and family. Through many years and trips to Israel Tammy and I have made short videos. We have done this to help share amazing places and spiritual teachings from the promised land. These videos were made for our family and close friends.


The videos are not well organized or of commercial quality. Today Feb 22, 2022, It seemed like a good idea to compile these videos into one public collection and share them.  Please feel free to look through them on FaceBook by clicking the link below:

Media Gallery From Our Travels 

He is coming to establish HIS Kingdom on earth. His will is going to be done. The time is now to give our love, respect and entire being to the Lord

Tammy and I ask the Lord to bless each of you.

Dear friend of Israel, 


If you have read all the way to here, I believe you are ready to stand with Israel now. 

Two asks:

  1.  Pray daily for the world to know, that the God of Israel is the only God.

  2.  If you can joyfully do it, sign up at our website to give a monthly donation in the amount of $7.00 US funds.  


You may ask, Why $7.00


First reason, we want the amount to be small enough, that it will not be a burden on any one family. Yes, a few families can, have, and will give larger amounts. Those larger donations are needed, but honestly, $7.00 is enough. The $7.00 monthly recurring donation will continuously encourage us in our work. 


The second reason, 7 is the Lord's number of perfection and 7.00 is perfection to the 3rd degree. Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  


And the third reason is just for fun. We flew the 5 Red Heifers to Israel from JFK Airport NY on an American Airlines 777 passenger jet! 

Please pray and ask the Lord if it is in His will, for you to help us as we seek to give glory to God as our work helps unify our Jewish Fathers of faith with the Children of faith grafted into the fig tree. If the Lord says yes, give. The family, of the God of Abraham, will be blessed. Your recurring donation can be set up at our website: 


Your donations are 501 c3 tax deductible and our accountants will send you the proper forms for this deduction annually. 

BTW I personally receive nothing from this donation. And 99% will get to Israel for support there. Welcome to the team. Shalom to your family and friends. Byron


Please bless your favorite truck drivers with copies of Byron’s book, Hot Chili for Trucker's Soul. 100 percent of net proceeds go to support Israel non-profit work.  

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